International Leadership of Texas G/T Referral Form

If your student is already receiving GT services, this form is not needed. Your student will continue to receive services without additional evaluations. Student ID is required to submit this form, please have it ready before submitting it. If you do not know your student's ID, please contact their campus to obtain it before proceeding. Dear Parent/Guardian, Your student has been referred for ILTexas Gifted and Talented Program to assess his/her need for gifted and talented services. Information about the G/T Program can be found at: The 2022-2023 referral windows are open from September 1st, 2022 until March 10th, 2023. The only referrals that will be accepted past March 10th, 2023 are referrals that were sent directly to you by your campus G/T teacher. Only students eligible (New or Transfer Students) to be referred outside of the charter-wide referral window will be considered for screening. Campus G/T Lead teachers will monitor student names closely and will not process referrals for non-eligible students. Please note that this link works best with Google Chrome. If you are using any other browser, you will need to make sure that you receive a confirmation email when you submit the form. If you do not receive a confirmation email, use another device and submit the referral again. Be sure to double-check the email address you submit on this form, as that is where your confirmation email will be sent. An incorrect email address will delay the referral process. Contact your Campus G/T Lead teacher for more information about the referral process.

General Information

International Leadership of Texas

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening (Optional)

Parent Inventory (Required)

Instructions: Please rate each item which you feel best describes your child. Almost Always Frequently Sometimes Seldom or Never

    Advanced Language

  1. Uses advanced vocabulary, rich imagery, and / or communicates in more than one language
  2. Rewords own language so others understand
  3. Explains how unrelated objects or ideas are alike
  4. Asks questions about written and/or spoken words
  5. Analytical Thinking

  6. Seeks to understand the how and why of complex ideas, situations and/or materials
  7. Notices details with surprising depth
  8. Takes apart and reassembles objects or ideas with skill
  9. Expresses relationships between past and present experiences
  10. Meaning Motivation

  11. Demonstrates intense task commitment and energy when pursuing interests
  12. Seeks an unexpected depth of knowledge in one or more areas
  13. Expresses enthusiasm for new learning
  14. Perspective

  15. Interprets another’s point of view with insight
  16. Uses original approaches to solve problems
  17. Demonstrates complex perspective in writing, discussion, or art
  18. Uses interesting, unexpected details to enhance products
  19. Sensitivity

  20. Cares deeply; shows intense concern for social & environmental issues
  21. Displays a strong sense of fairness
  22. Expresses high expectations of self and others
  23. Sense of Humor

  24. Uses sophisticated humor
  25. Responds to an adult’s subtle humor
  26. Understands and uses jokes, puns and other word play games
  27. Exaggerates ideas to create humor
  28. Accelerated Learning

  29. Demonstrates mastery of advanced math or science concepts
  30. Reads and comprehends materials beyond age-level expectations
  31. Learns new ideas quickly with minimum practice

Please use this space to provide any additional information you would like the placement committee to consider.

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